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Hello, first post - is there a search function on the forum? if not can I request that one is added ;)

Thanks for the feedback. I would love to do that but I have other fish to fry right now. In the meantime you can use Google search, just go to the Google and search for " fish" for example (3 hits related to tacos, before this post!)

i have a mac mini in my lounge, to provide it a monitor ! - however, the forum is set up for screen sizes of yesteryear, ordinarily that's easy to work around by double clicking in the z=area you want to resize to (just like on iOS) - the problem is that whenever i do this with this site, the css gets screwed and i get solid brown backgrounds/text and generally very weird formatting, unusable, so as it stands the readable width occupies a quarter of the screen width (full hd) - i ain't no eagle if you catch my drift, anything that can be done to improve zoomed layout in slow time would be appreciated here ; )

i should add that cmd+ and cmd- do work, so this is a slow burner request for mouse browsing

I plan to do a major redesign this year.