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Hi Randy!

I followed the instructions in the read me file when installing the new Soundplane software. I went to move the zonepatch folder to the directory application support/madrona labs/soundplane but it did not exist. So I created it manually and I still am not seeing the zone patch in the sound plane menu. Should the previous stated directory have been automatically created? I'm on OSX Mavericks. Thank you! =Aaron

Hi Aaron,

Your directory needs to be in ~/Library, which is in your home directory. There are two Library directories: one in your home directory and one on the root of the hard drive. To get to your home one, select the "Go" menu from the Finder then hold down the option key. The little LIbrary icon should appear and from here you can go into "Application Support" and make the Madrona Labs/Soundplane directories if those are not there.

The Madrona Labs / Soundplane directories should have been there from a previous version of the Soundplane app so I'm thinking maybe you were in the wrong Library.

Sorry this is a little difficult right now. I'll have a proper installer for the Soundplane app soon.

Got it! I didn't realize apple hid that other library. So strange. Thanks for the help!