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This past weekend I took a good long look at Kaivo and made the decision to push the release date back to early February. Kaivo is making some great sounds right now, but there are just too many raw edges left to call it done next week. I only get one chance to make a first impression with a new instrument and this one needs some more spit and polish before I can send it out for review.

This month will give me a chance to do some very important work, like tuning parameters so that Kaivo is easy to program, and making great presets. Maybe even getting the manual written!

I know some of you had hopes of playing with it over the holidays. So, sorry to disappoint. I'm just one guy that writes these things for the most part and, even after 20 years of doing this for a living, estimating when software will be done is still a task I am horrible at.

Stay tuned for sound examples and such coming soon. I wish you all a relaxing holiday season in the company of friends and family.

Randy, i don't mind waiting a bit longer for a well-working musical instrument. Good luck and have a great holiday season! Happy 2014!

I'd happily wait until after next christmas for whatever you have cooking. Not any longer though :)

same for me,of course and happy holidays everyone !

Can't help it:

Whenever it happens, if Kaivo is half as good as Aalto, it will still be head-and-shoulders above anything else out there. (OK sorry, that was bad)

Happy holidays!

Thanks for the update Randy. Sometimes the worst thing is the anticipation, at least now we know we have to wait a little longer. And I'm fine with that ... you do what needs to be done!

Enjoy Christmas ... best wishes to you and yours!

Great! We know it'll be awesome when it's out for good!

good to know! i've just got chromaphone so i can get busy wrangling that over xmas instead :)

Thanks for the update Randy,
Too much software is let loose on the world half finished. Will look forward to this in the new year!

I get it. I can't stand the idea putting out something I've done if I don't feel it's ready. I respect your integrity. Happy Holidays and here's to 2014 - The Year of the Kaivo

Thanks for the outpouring of understanding! Big smiles here. I really appreciate it.

Just echoing what everyone else says - this is definitely worth waiting for and we wouldn't want you to compromise your high standards. Kaivo will brighten up the post Christmas lull when it arrives.

I am willing to wait as long as necessary (Buy anyway!)


Bravo. I'm so glad you went down the "Granny" route. Kaivo really looks fantastic in its portents. Consider it purchased, whenever it's ready. So exciting.

Now, if we could get that patcher automation to work in Aalto...

But really, all the best.

I'm so excited for this. Aalto is my favourite VSTi by far. In fact one my favourite synths including hardware, which is what I use most of the time.

Kaivo seems to be another unique and extremely well sounding instrument. Looking forward to it. Thanks fpr your excellent work!