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Hi Randy,

Some weeks ago I used my friend's Mac for convert some mlpresets to aupresets but when I click the preset converter button a message appeared saying that wasn't presets to convert.
I was surprised because my mlpresets were working well in Aalto 1.4.

So if I make a Aalto soundset there is no need for notify the users that they need to convert presets with Aalto 1.4 and only with Aalto 1.3?

Converting presets only turns .aupreset into .mlpreset or vice versa. This has nothing to do with the versions.

Any version’s presets will work on that version or higher. Since the upgrades are all free, I recommend to use the latest version when distributing presets.

If you did not see the option to convert, it’s possible the presets were not in the right place, or something else went wrong.