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Just in time for summer, Aalto T-shirts are now in stock! Oft-requested and long-awaited, these shirts are the first physical artifacts besides the Soundplane to come out of the Labs. They start out soft, will wear in gracefully and are likely to give you super patching powers.

We asked our good friend David Chandler to tidy up his Aalto manual cover for a larger reproduction size, and printed it in a subtle aqua gradient on American Apparel’s Sustainable Edition organic cotton shirts in Galaxy Blue. Nerdy yet surfy!

We are selling these nice shirts for $20. Shipping is by US First Class Mail, for $4 within the USA and $16 internationally. PayPal will add these costs automatically when you enter your shipping adress.

Select a unisex size and click to buy:
SOLD OUT except for size small.


your 'thank you' page doesn't exist though!

Thanks, I think I fixed it.

double yoink! thanks. great looking T

Looks fantastic! Wish they came in bigger sizes, though. I'd buy two in 3XL, and happily pay a few bucks extra for them..

No XXL love for the big guys?? :(

OK, I'll check tomorrow and see what it would cost to get a few extra made in big sizes.

Hey XXL / 3XL guys: I will special order a few extra shirts for you. If you want one, order an XL using the PayPal menu, and type in the special instructions to me that you really want 2XL or 3XL instead.

I am doing the shirt order tomorrow morning so I can fulfill all my Large orders ASAP, so I need you to get yours in today!

Order placed for XXL thanks! :)

No! I missed it! Will there be another batch soon?

I sent the news out to the mailing list the same morning, sorry you missed it! Once I collect a dozen or so of people who missed out and want one I can probably do another small run.

I know i will want at least one next time around.
the shirts look great

I want one too. Exact measurements on M and L would be nice. Are these correct?

Yeah, I'd be interested in getting one too.....
Not sure if I'd be L or XL though, so size guide would be cool :-)

got mine today (UK), nice shirt. cheers!

I want one t-shirt me too. Would be good the exact size in numbers.
Im not sure if I need a S or a M because the sizes in Europe are not the same that in United States.


This link has the right sizes: American Apparel size chart

I plan to take more preorders later this summer so everyone can get the size they want.

I would also love to get one when you do another run.

Please Please, count me in for the next run!

I would like some too

Me to...

count me in for one :)
i'll take a medium on your next order.

Can we await a new batch of T-Shirts? I would buy also one in M. And of course count me in for a Kaivo T-Shirt.

I just need to talk to my T-Shirt guy and make it happen---sorry but the new plugin has eaten most of my brain!

I need the super patching powers of the t-shirt!

will be soon available the super powers?

thanks ;-)

The summer has already began - at least in the northern hemisphere :-)
I want an Aalto T-Shirt so bad ... And a Kaivo T-Shirt too ;-)

Please Randy let us spread the madrona labs vibe ...

Thanks for reminding me!

any chance we'll be seeing more of these shirts?

I want to believe...

More seriously, I want to get this done well again (with local printing, sewn-in tags, etc) but that takes time. Especially the mailing part.

I could just use some online service but that's not very Madrona Labs-like!

I'll look at getting some local help and doing another run once I get Aalto out...

@randy I just noticed in your original post that you said sold out ::except for size small::

is this true? if so, i'd love a small...

I found 5-6 small in the box and one large. If you want one, email me your address and I'll request money via PayPal. randy at madronalabs.