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Like anything else at my house, the Soundplane suffers the occasional abuse of stray kicks, banana peel slips and/or smoke, flying debris, etc.

Somehow my fingerboard already has a little dent in it. It's not a problem - it doesn't affect playing, and you can't even see it unless the Soundplane is held at a certain angle to bright light.

But! It's got me wondering: at some point, will it be possible to acquire replacement parts, even like the entire fretboard? Is this particular case one that could be handled by the Soundplane owner, or something that would require the instrument to be mailed back for proper fit, etc?

Did you see the assembly / disassembly video on the main page? I put it out there to show exactly what’s involved in replacing any part of the Soundplane. If you were not comfortable replacing the surface yourself you could send it back to me.

You could definitely buy a replacement surface if you wanted one. I would have to do some accounting to figure out what the cost should be. There’s quite some labor involved, so it won’t be trivial.