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Hi there,

I would like to get the matrix data of the soundplane into Max (through OSC, of course) in order to process it in other ways than the current touch paradigm (for example for processing palm touches or other surfaces...)

Would this be a sensible feature request ?


Pascal Baltazar

Yes, I can do that for you in the next update coming this week.

Oh, that's nice, thank you !

Are you planning to do this as a list of (150 or so) floats ?
Or do you have another plan ?

It would actually be 512 floats because that’s the raw sensor data size. Unless you have other ideas. But, it seems like this is the feature for someone who wants all the data, so I should give them all the data.

agreed - I (probably naively) thought there was one float per key, but yes, 512 floats is perfect !