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Hi Randy I am a new user of Aalto.

First, I should give thanks to you for this amazing and original synthesizer. Now I can do sounds very close similar to a modular analog synth but at a reasonable price!

Have you considered to use the Waveguide/Delay module as a vocoder?
I think that can be too fun use speech and pass it through the Waveguide/Delay.

Regards, thanks.

Hi there!

I have a fully modular version of Aalto planned. This will let you put external audio through whatever modules you want, including the waveguide. It's a little ways off, though.

Siri, set a weekly reminder to ask Randy when the Modular Version of Aalto is planned for release. ;)

did you mean "set weekly reminder to sack hand men the modeler virgin of Aalto hips sand four police"?

HAH! Nice one.

Really though, I'm amped for the future of aalto.

I'm buying this fully modular Aalto when it comes out regardless of what it does. :) Please keep us posted!