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Hi, I want to make a soundplane and need a bit more details…I have no notions in electricity and I was wondering what type of wires you use to connect the copper tape strips and is there anything specific about the welding and resistances I should know about.
What type of wires and jacks jacks to connect to the sound card ?
Do you have a step by step photo document of the conception of the interface ?

Do you have a picture or a way of doing this ?

bump, spacer:
anything nonconductive and shapeable, I used cheap soft 1/8 plywood

Am I asking too many details I don't know but I really want to do this thing. Thanks.


The wire attachment method is not important, it just has to conduct electricity. Solder it or anything. You will want a multimeter to test the connections.

I am sorry I don't have many more details documented. It's a very open-ended project and there are a lot of decisions you can make yourself. To do this project some experience with circuit building is probably good, so if you can, maybe try to find a friend with that knowledge, or teach yourself from a kit from adafruit or similar.

I recommend to everyone to start with a simple one-point sensor and build up from there.