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Whenever I load Aalto into DP, there is a 'pop' sound and then it kills the audio from any plug-ins. Replace it with another plugin, there's a 'pop' and then the plugins (all of them) play normally.

While Aalto is loaded, it does not receive midi or generate audio. However, the other plug-ins respond to midi and generate a signal (you can see the VU meters move) but you can't hear anything ...nothing is getting to the main outputs.

If there is pre-recorded material on other tracks, you cannot hear it while Aalto is loaded.

No such problems in Studio One Pro 1.5.2 so far.


DP 7.2.1
OSX 10.6.4
Intel Mac 8 core


PS - Host sync!!! :-)

OK, thanks for the report. It sounds like Aalto's DSP chain is "blowing up", or making numbers out of bounds. Why this would happen on DP and not other hosts is a mystery. I will get a demo of DP and investigate.

One thing you can try is: put a new Aalto in DP (getting the pop), load the default patch into that copy, save your document, close it. Maybe next time you can load the document without Aalto blowing up.

Host sync is coming soon!

Hey Randy,

It seems to have been a problem on my end. Everything is fine this morning with DP and the offending file(s). Odd that only Aalto seemed to be effected but a reboot appears to have done it. Sorry about the "mis-input".

Thanks for the update, I'm glad to know things are working. I bet Aalto did get some "out of bounds" information that caused it to stop making sound.