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running osx 10.6 + logic express 9 + aalto 1.3

not a bug

just cant seem to figure out how to open aalto in the first place
i understand its not a standalone...i've used au/plugins in the past

but i'm not really a softsynth user + after searching i didnt see a similar thread
probably cause its really easy for most folks

I use the bigger version of Logic but I think it works the same way on both. In order to use Aalto as an instrument plugin you have to add a soft synth track to your project. You can usually do this from the Track menu. Soft synth plugin tracks have a little blank bar just above the fader whereas audio tracks have a readout in this space showing where the audio track is patched into, usually main outs. Just left click in the soft synth track's blank space and you should get a pop up list showing you all the installed plugins and you should see Madrona's Aalto in the list. Now any midi note messages you creat or record on that track will control the Aalto instrument. Hope this helps!

If the Aalto plugin is simply not showing up in the menu, you need to rescan the plugins in Logic. It is supposed to do this every time new plugins are added, but sometimes it does not.

In Logic, go to "Preferences..." -> "Audio Units Manager". A list of plugins should appear with Aalto in it. If it does not, and you have installed Aalto, then Logic is confused.

Here is one guide to solving this problem:


got it working
appreciate the help

thanks for the holiday discount...this is a really beautiful app
the UI is an absolute joy to look at + tinker with