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Hey Randy, sorry to be a pain but i was not expecting this as 1.26 is rock solid for me

OS Windows 7 Pro 32bit
Aalto V 1.3
Ableton Suite 8.3.4

With Aalto running i went to close the gui using the red X in the top right, This caused the gui to almost shatter on the right hand side and it went kinda black and Ableton crashed, I was messing with garfs MooseOnMars Patch at the time, It also happened about 5 mins before that but i did not notice anything out of the ordinary

Like i said, 1.26 is ROCK solid, Its never crashed

let me know if you need anything else

It might have just needed to be broken in, Those crashes happened in the first 10 mins of playing with the new update, I have played with it for about 2 hours and it seems to be okay

I don't have any idea why it would have to break in. Please keep me posted.

edit: made a dumb car joke - sorry :)