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Hi Randy, the new client software is registering a lot of noise i.e. unintentional touches from the Soundplane compared to the old software. Any idea what would be causing this? Maybe the default "expert" settings are different or something. Is there any kind of quick tutorial you could throw together that would explain how these parameters interact so that we can fine tune the response from the Soundplane ourselves? Thanks

Weird. I heard from another player who has worse noise in the 0.98 software than before. So it's possible that I have done something that makes this software worse for some Soundplanes. I will be investigating this week and send out a new version ASAP.

Try hitting "recalibrate" when you see the noise-- does that help? I added new anti-noise calibration in the latest software but it's possible it is not detecting some intermittent noise, and making bad decisions in some cases.

Another temporary fix is to set "lopass" on the expert page down to something like 10. This will make the response slower but should lessen the noise greatly.

Recalibrating does not help. For what it's worth, it seems like most of the noise is coming from the edges and appears to be a sympathetic response to pressure in other areas of the Soundplane. No problems with the older software though, so I'll keep using that until there's a fix. Thanks and good luck!