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Hi Randy,

Just back from various trips and picked up the soundplane, before going off on yet another excursion. So this is my first bit of time with the Soundplane.


  • So the way it stands now, i can get note, velocity, pressure, absolute x and y (always calculated for the entire playing surface), and x and y with the initial touch as zero (always calculated for the entire playing surface). Is this correct?
  • Might be nice for you to give us a max patch showing the MIDI data in and the OSC data in as you have them set up.

Off I go...

  • Bob

Hi Bob,

Good to hear from you. Your list seems correct, all these quantities come out as signals in the Aalto for Soundplane pre-beta I sent.

The Max example patch here in the forums should show the OSC data. I'll see what I can do to polish it up and add a Max MIDI patch in the next day or two.