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so i had to do a clean install recently and backed up everything before wiping and starting afresh. i had about a years worth of my patchs saved in aalto, but now they seem to be missing from the backup .dmg?


i wasn't really paying attention where i was saving the presets, but presume it was in library/.../audio/presets? can't find em searching for *.aupreset or *.mlpreset. am i missing something really obvious? could they be saved as xml somewhere?

I am guessing you updated to Lion or newer? These systems hide the preset directories by default. You can search for "Lion hides Library folder" to get more info.

Still they would show up in Aalto's menu if they are in the right place. I can only guess at what's happening because it depends on where you saved and how you backed up. The default directories in /Library... and ~/Library... , but you can save patches anywhere you like.

ah ha! hidden library folder. crafty buggers. all back now, thanks randy!

not even going to bother reinstalling any other soft synths this time either. i'm a one synth kinda guy :)

but... what if I make more synths?

I would hope it's a matter of "when", not "if".

edit: Wait, it hides your Library folder? Like, on purpose? I guess that makes sense.

10.6.8 forever, baby!

Oh yes, there will be more synths.

The Library going away seems like part of a larger move at Apple towards explicit file management going away, and everything being saved transparently. To the extent that they can do this really well, I think it's good because computers should be more like appliances, most of the time.