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Here's a thread for users to post Soundplane Max examples.

There are also some instructive Max patches in the Soundplane software distribution.

I made this patch very minimal and not awesome sounding so as not to get carried away playing it. But even so, I spent a solid hour doing just that yesterday. OSC is the most expressive way to play the Soundplane for the time being. There's a lot to get your head and fingers around. Amazing possibilities just ahead.

im not sure if i should start a new thread for this or not...

just a little granularish max thing cobbled together from something i found on the max forums

here is a quick video as an example

i will get some audio/video examples up soon

i mostly just wanted to get some presses into max/msp

where did the max patches go?

Sorry, I forgot to include them in the most recent app distribution. Here's a new 1.2 version with the patches back:

3 Mb ZIP

The only changes from 1.1.2 should be some minor cleanups. I will send out a new Soundplane app soon with more improvements.