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Now that Aalto is out, I'm making a new forum topic for support issues.

Please use this thread for questions and issues that don't already have their own threads above.

i posted in the other thread but might as well do it here as well.

aalto doesn't pass the AU validation for logic though works fine once you force it to validate.

also, it sounds friggin amazing and the GUI is inspiring and fun. well done!

I'm having issues with the some of the 2-voice factory patches (in Live 7.0.16 on my MacBook, system 10.6.4). For example, when I select the EPIANO1 patch, only voice 1 is audible. When I play single notes, which alternate between voice 1 and 2, every other note plays. When I play two notes simultaneously, only one is heard.

This is corrected after setting voices to 1 and then back to 2.

I understand that you are working on CPU load. Currently, it's a struggle to wrest my mouse cursor away from Aalto controls to change an Ableton Live control.

Logic validation is fixed in the demo version now.

@yasha, thanks for the report. I'll look into what could cause this.

I know it's a big CPU hog and hope to improve it lots over the next month or so.

i had to force Aalto to work in logic w/the non-demo version as well. it failed validation but works fine in logic.

Hi Randy,

I'm loving your work on Aalto. However, I can't get parameter automation to work in Logic. This kind of synthesis really lends itself to a bit of live manipulation, so it would be great to have that working. :)

I'm puzzled by the following comment on the main page describing Aalto:
"Each voice has a separate, built-in sequencer with a patchable, independently controllable rate and offset that make it easy to achieve evolving, chaotic textures."

This implies that if I'm using 2 voices, I can use 2 independent instances of the sequencer (?) - but that doesn't appear to be the case, unless I"m missing something. I've had a couple of hours thus far with Aalto, and quite loving it thus far.

Try patching the pitch or voice or vel outputs to the sequencer rate. You will hear that each voice's sequencer runs at its own rate. in fact there is a SEQ module within each voice, but all of them share the same patch inputs.

The offset input also affects each sequencer independently. You can understand this if you study the factory patch "adorable gleeps."

have fun!

I'll have to mess with that later. It sounds like in order to get one sequencer per voice you need to use midi in?

@kaput, sorry i missed your post earlier.. . Automation works fine for me in Logic. I made a thread for this issue. Please reply to that thread with a more detailed description of what goes wrong and let's figure it out.

I have the the same question as droolmaster... Is it possible to set different sequencer settings per voice from the UI?

Loving it so far

@heath you can do it by patching any signal that is different for each voice to the sequencer rate or offset inputs.

The preset "adorable gleeps" has a clear example of this.

ah - will have to take a look at that preset. I've been distracted by my new anyware tinysizer....

Now, of course, it is my nature to ask for more features in a synth that really is very nice as it is - but I keep on wanting to ask for more sequencers that I can easily edit and assign to specific voices if I want to, and more lfo's also. But then the interface wouldn't be quite so simple and uncluttered, I guess.

Alto is not showing up in the Audio Units manger (in Logic) so i cant force it to validate. I tried with the demo as well as the full version and cant get either to show up.

@bobbyrich the validation bug reported before is fixed on both versions now.

Did you put your component in ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components? Restart Logic? Sorry I haven't heard of this problem before.

I figured out the problem. I switched from Logic 64 bit to 32 bit mode and alto validated. Once it validated and i was able to pull it up i closed logic and switched back to 64 bit mode and it works just fine.

I figured out the problem. I switched from Logic 64 bit to 32 bit mode and alto validated.

OK, super. Thanks for the report. I'll make a thread so people can find this answer more easily.

do the presets work with the demo?

when i first ran the demo (in Live) no preset file was created. so i created my own. but i don't see how you load them from the GUI.


ok i found them. the presets are in live's plug-in devices/madrona labs/aalto/aalto 1.o presets.

I'm getting graphics glitches with the full version, which i didn't get with the demo. Nothing major, simply that some of the patch cables disappear from view intermittently whilst plugging or unplugging other cables.
This is in Logic 8.02, OSX 10.5.8, MacPro Dual 2.8Ghz