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Chris and I are on the home stretch, assembling production machines. I calibrated the first Soundplane and it is performing beautifully. I look forward very much to sending these out next week, thereby reaching a milestone three years in the making.

Me, calibrating Soundplane #008. Out of all the 30 instruments, this one had the worst imperfection in the case, a small tearout in the edge of the walnut power light surround. So I used it to calibrate and refine our assembly process. It's been put together and taken apart about sixteen times. It's going to be a demo unit for the time being.

Here Chris is applying Kapton stiffeners to our sensor flex circuits and inspecting his work with a loupe.

Tomorrow from 9am-5pm or so we'll be at the MMTA (Mostly Modular Trade Association) Summer Synthfest 2012 in Seattle, showing off our first production units. The event is at the Experience Music Project in the shadow of the Space Needle. Come down and see us if you'd like to get your hands on a Soundplane. Details here. []