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For some reason Aalto is the only plugin instrument I have that does not support plugin players. Maybe it´s the lack of a native clock?

For an instrument like Aalto it´s essential that I can use it either as a standalone application or in a plugin player like Rax or pMix, so I don´t have to fire up an entire DAW to play live or make some patches.


Aalto works in Mainstage last I checked. So it's not that I don't support plugin player apps.

If you give me a more specific report of what goes wrong, and what I can do to reproduce it, I will definitely look into it.


Mainstage is a really heavy program so it probably has a lot of features and rock solid plugin support. I want to use Audio Plugin Player and pMix because they are very lightweight, easy to use (Mainstage is a bloated mess) and takes a second to launch.

What happens: Aalto does not receive any midi information neither externally or internally when using the plugin players. This is the only plugin instrument I have that behaves this way. Running Aalto´s step sequencer in free rate is the only way to trigger it. This is the case with both the AU and VST version.
Also Aalto crashes the plugin player when I try to replace it with another plugin.

Another unrelated bug I´m struggling with, which happens in both plugin players and DAWs are crazy CPU spikes, feedback loops (as in sudden clipping noise caused by changing presets or polyphony) and crashing (happens when I have a lot of modulation). These bugs happens in both Studio One and Ableton Live.
I´m sure that I probably need to upgrade my computer (2.4 Ghz Dual Core, 4 GB RAM Macbook Pro), but Aalto is still the most unstable plugin instrument in my collection (I have quite a few). Even Uhe Diva and FXpansion DCAM are completely stable, and they use more CPU than Aalto.

Your computer should be plenty fast.

Really weird about the spike issues, I spent a lot of time getting rid of these for 1.2.6 and seemed to be successful. You are running 1.2.6, yes? I can't say I've tested in Studio One much, but in Live, definitely a whole lot.

If you see this in 1.2.6 then give me specific instructions on how to reproduce. What host and version, how to instantiate Aalto, what to click on in what order to make the problem. If it's intermittent then I understand this will not really be possible, let me know how to cause it eventually.

First let me know how to cause the issues in Rax if you can.

I'll investigate it as well as these other plugin players you mention and see what I can do.