ForumsOpen ← monome app based on ciat-lonbarde's Cocolase with soundplane mod ideas

here is a link to the topic, the app itself is made with max 6 (i didn't have anything to do with making it)

i was thinking wouldn't it be wonderful to still use the monome as and indicator of connections made and a portion of the soundplane to act as body contacts, but to take it a step further then the amount of pressure (either summed and averaged or from only one of the presses) would change how much the speed or playhead movement are effected.

on the other han a simpler mod might be to use a smaller bit of soundplane to act the same way the monome does but instead of acting like body contacts that had to both be pressed at the same time you would just press a single button and the pressure would then only change how much modulation was applied to that parameter

here is to the hopes of a full community of people who are willing to share applications patches and the like. I am by no means an amazing programmer but i can usually get to where i want to be with an idea in max/msp (just upgraded to 6) or PD. I will certainly be more than willing to share anything soundplane related I make or mod.

in fact i think a soundplane application idea thread is in order....but there doesn't seem to be much in the way of activity around here.


I like this idea and would encourage the discussion very much! Myself, I'm busy trying to finish the remaining details and ship the Soundplane, so I won't be participating too much. But I'll follow along with great interest and chime in sometimes.