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hi° I will purchase very soon Aalto.
I am already addicted.

about the future: I am wondering if you can add bypass-switches for single modules: filter, delay, reverb ... ?

I love the synth a lot !'* just the reverb is missing some character and some dirt.
it would be great if we can modulate the reverb.
but maybe this is just my personal taste.

thanks for such a great instrument.
best wishes,

You can bypass the filter by setting it to lowpass mode and turning frequency up to 20000 and Q to 0.

The delay is bypassed by using just the "dry" knob -- there is no delay on that signal.

There might be more options for reverb in the future. If you want to add "dirt" a reverb is not the usual way-- I recommend using the "drive" dial on the delay and using that signal if possible.


hi° the reverb and me are now very good friends.

it took a while - but now I really like it !

thanks and best wishes,

Hi Amazing synth. I wish the lfo could be key triggered, is there any chance to be included in a future upgrade?? (In cases where both envelopes are in seq mode). Also different lfo shapes would be nice.

I understand - will think about it.