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The file name gets truncated when you save a patch which name contains one or several dots as delimiter (like 'VK.AAL.Bass-Favorite-One').
The same happens when you try to load the patch with several dots in the name.

This is reproducible in Win7 and Mac OS X Lion using Aalto 1.2.6

BTW: there seems to be a 22-characters length limit for patch names. Are there enough reasons for this (Aalto patch name display can hold more than 22 symbols)?

Currently the Aalto patch management system does not allow us to use subfolders, so we are forced to put some 'hints' in the patch name ('AAL-VK-Synth-Lead' etc) and the names becomes rather long...

The name length limit is due to a problem with Audio Units. AU plugins don't let the entire name get longer than 32 characters. Since i wanted a cross-platform format, I had to add the same restriction for the .mlpreset files.

It might be possible to add a "long name" field to the patches, and create a shorter AU preset name automatically-- but This might cause other problems. I'll have to look into it.

I can probably fix the dot thing. It's bad practice to put dots in a filename on Mac or Windows. But I could translate them into something else.

The problem with both of these fixes is that the file name no longer matches the patch name, making the files potentially harder for to you find in the long run.

The real fix is that operating systems should lose the concept of "file", but I can't do much about that right now.