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On Saturday I brought the Soundplane prototype over to Robotspeak in San Francisco's Lower Haight, where there was a really great and attentive crowd. We played with the Soundplane and Max/MSP, and the alpha version of Aalto for Soundplane. Here's part of the introduction taped by Jack Hertz:

I also brought some copper foil tape and with my laptop's built-in audio interface, made a simple capacitive distance sensor showing the basic principle the Soundplane is built on. I hope this demo showed some possibilities for exploring DIY sensors. When I get time, I would like to post some more detailed instructions on working with this simple technique.

Thanks all for coming, for asking the good questions, and to Robotspeak for hosting me! It was great to meet some more of my interweb friends in person.

It's so awesome that you guys were able to make it to San Francisco! Thanks for coming Randy and Vance. Love the way you guys do business. You've created quite a unique and useful tool for expression.
One thing I'd like to point out for anyone who hasn't gotten their hands on the Soundplane is this:
There is no compromise in the Soundplane. The hardware seems to embodie Randy's idea perfectly. Its simple, sturdy and incredibly responsive. Nothing junky about it. the walnut surface is a real pleasure to lay hands on. I don't see this becoming obsolete ever. And that was just the prototype.
I wish Madrona Labs the best of luck completing the filtering and calibration software.
and farewell on the rest of your tour!