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If you live in the Seattle area, I invite you to come check out a Soundplane prototype this Saturday at the PNW Synthfest!

It's in Shoreline, WA, and runs from 10-5 or so. Details are here: Brian is going to bring a Pro-One and we'll hook it up to the Soundplane one way or another. Stay tuned for movies of this analog encounter.

Quick work update: I've been working to finalize the materials we will be using for the surface laminate. I'm also implementing a new dynamic calibration filter in the client software. What I have now works, but I know there's a lot more sensitivity I can get out of the data I'm receiving from the hardware. I really want people to be able to feel that ASAP.

In case anyone is interested, we managed to connect the Soundplane to the Pro-One using the Encore Electronics "Expressionist" MIDI-to-CV converter. It has 8 Gate and 8 CV outputs. Alas, the Pro-One only has 3 inputs, so we connected Gate, VCO and VCF. On the Soundplane, X controlled the filter frequency, Y controlled the pitch, and pressure just operated the Gate.

There's so much more that could be done with the Soundplane and a full modular. I had hoped somebody would wheel over their giant modular to connect 3, 4, or even 8 CV outputs to their rig, but nobody seemed bold enough to cross-connect. I guess there was enough complexity on each table at this event even without combining!

Kudos to Randy for the excellent pitch tracking via MIDI.