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Is the soundplane compatible with the iconnect midi?

or kenton usb midi host

The Soundplane itself doesn't use MIDI! You could hook your MIDI interface to the Soundplane client software to output MIDI from your Mac.

or pc?

Interested how you feel about using the Soundplane for Midi. Soundplane and Midi seems a little bit like driving a Ferrari in a traffic jam?

The Soundplane has much more resolution that midi can take yeah? And having it send out midi will only be done by the client software itself. But using OSC or MAX will be able to handle much more of the expression from the instrument.

MIDI has the capability for 14-bit values on 32 controls across 16 channels. That is more than enough resolution to handle Soundplane expressive gestures, especially with USB-MIDI or other high-bandwidth variations on MIDI. The caveat is that not all software is easily configured for 14-bit MIDI. Logic has this ability, and other popular MIDI software does, too. But it may take a while to iron out the appropriate user settings for full resolution. I've worked extensively with 14-bit MIDI in Logic, but there are a few shortcomings, and I have not tried the Soundplane yet.

A classic MIDI interface would probably require intelligent "thinning" of the data due to the limited bandwidth, but in that case it would probably be the timing density of the control data that suffers, and not actually the resolution or depth of pressure.

Personally, I think that MIDI and OSC are equally valid for the high-level output of the Soundplane client software, but we'll have to see whether typical MIDI software can keep up. I can't wait to see what people can get working musically, especially when pairing the brand new Soundplane with older hardware technology.