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Well, this was a big week for Soundplane! Lots of people came by to find out about them and play with one. I'm very happy to share this video of some of the results.

We will be taking preorders very soon. Stay tuned for the official announcement on how to go about getting a Soundplane Monday morning. Sorry for the slight delay on this, but I have some details to work out and I want to enjoy some more of the great music at Decibel this weekend.

wow! congratulations randy - this is a wonderful thing you've made. it'll take me a while to save for one but i'm starting now. thanks for posting the video.

Hey Randy

Looks amazing. Do you have a pre-order list going?

Really impressive video and great to see things finally coming together. I love when everyone dives in and there are about 4 hands at once!

Around the 55sec mark, it looks likes each of the grids is free-floating (moves independently), is this the case?
You mentioned that you have two different playing surfaces, the other with a continuous wood grain i.e. no grid. Can you pretty pretty please with sugar on show a demo of that?
Do you have plans for interchangeable surfaces/overlays e.g. piano/guitar/grid layouts.

Once again, many congrats.

Will be ready to purchase when you guys have them ready! perfect controller for aalto! I cant wait!


Simply Amazing guys ! Love it already, all these possibilities are really impressive,
Bravo & congrats for this new fantastic babe ;-)

I've been following developments on this since before Aalto was announced, and now I'm more excited than I have been at any other point! Time to start saving.

"Do you want to make wookie noises?" haha, that cracked me up

Great stuff, was looking at another touch surface Keyboard/controller but, this is a much better price and look. when will it ship to the UK.
Better start saving.


Thanks for your interest-- I will figure out the customs issues ASAP. Hopefully within the month.

Got to second that, as you know, I have been eagerly awaiting the day you had opened up shop for the SP. Although a bit of a bummer with the customs issues as I live in Norway. I would love to preorder, and I was refreshing the site like every 5 mins on Monday in order to hopefully manage to get the first one :P

So it was a bit of a :( when the page finally refreshed with the news of the preorder. Hopefully this will be sorted quickly.

Until then.....


I simply didn't want to promise anything before I knew I could do it. I'm going to talk to some other manufacturers and figure this out ASAP though.


Without commenting on specific surface plans, I want to point out that the Soundplane has the unique ability to sense continuous touches across the surface - even when the surface is cut into a particular grid. So, you can slide around on one 'key' in the grid and still sense where your finger is on that key. You can also slide off the key past several others and still be controlling the original note seamlessly. In my testing, there seem to no limiting factors due to the particular shape of the grid.

I'm glad that Randy is touring this thing around, because the photos can lead your imagination to invent restrictions that are not there, and I must admit that I fell victim to the same tendency. It helps to touch it, see it in use, or pay close attention to the videos to get the full idea. Hopefully this will become easier over time.