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Hey everybody, I play in Rawo Nam and think the chances are high that y'all, being synth enthusiasts, will dig what we do. Our band was founded no more than two weeks ago with intention in mind to play improvisational dance music, wide in sound palette and free-flowing.

Talking about instruments we use, Dima plays MFOS modular, Anton plays Korg Electribe, and I run one or several Aalto instances, unceasingly tweaking the parameters and switching between the patches. If one can't find me behind my laptop, that means I took a short break to play keyboards.

Below is a video of our performance at the art house Tacheles, Berlin during DACH XV (which is a festival of Belarusian experimental art and music; to make a note, we all are from Belarus):

And here is an high quality audio bootleg for a more detailed listen:

Thanks for your attention,
radiokoala of Rawo Nam