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I'll start the topic off with an easy one.

*Why "Aalto?" *

It's the Finnish word for "wave."

Will this be a VST or AU or what?

Mac AU and VST will come first because that's the platform I am developing on. Windows VST will follow soon.

When can I buy the Windows and Mac VST versions?

My current plan is to get the Windows version out, along with the Mac VST, in mid-December.

Copy protection?

There is no copy protection. Copy protection always creates hassles for legitimate users, is by definition a hassle. When you purchase a license for Aalto, you get a watermarked copy that uniquely identifies it as yours. At runtime there are transparent checks to verify that the watermarks are intact, and that people are holding up their end of the license terms.

failed AU validation:

blast! of course i checked validation but this was the result of a last-minute bug fix that made another bug.

the problem is with parameter settings and should be totally benign. Will make a new version soon, probably tomorrow.

thanks for your support.

With the update and sequencer host synchronization, will that include DAW >automation of parameters? If so I'm totally sold.

Thanks for the feedback.

Have you tried parameter automation? It should work now. I tested it mostly in Logic. If it's not working for you, what's your host?

I tried parameter automation in Live. I'm not at that computer right now to give the details, but the various knobs did not show up in automation or controller lists.

is this plug [or do you have plans for] 64 Bit compatible, if/when it is I will buy it.



@walker: I'm going to start a thread about parameter automation.

@sensi: One day, yes. For now Aalto has a low memory profile so a 64 bit version would not give any improvement.

I downloaded the demo last night and couldn't get it to work. More specifically, I couldn't get the free VST host I downloaded to work...could someone post (or provide a link to) some instructions on how to get Aalto going with a VST host? Something so simple a (forty-) five-year-old with no softsynth experience could do it?


Hi Clarke,

Aalto is currently an Audio Units (AU) plugin for Mac only. So, you will need to find a host that can host AU plugins. These are like VST, but a different incompatible format.

For starters I might recommend Numerology. It has a lenient demo mode that actually allows you to save your work, within limits.

Got it...Numerology is working great, thanks!

can you tell me when the vst version for mac will be available and will it run on 10.5.x or 10.6+ only ?


Sorry i didn't see your note for a while! The Mac VST version will be out with the Windows one, my best guess is that this will be in mid-December. Yes, it will run on 10.5.