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The reverb in this synth is the best i´ve ever heard!

I would love to have an audio input on Aalto in order to be able to use the reverb as an fx. Im sure there are many other interesting uses of an audio inputs aswell, xmod etc

Love this device




I put the Aalto reverb out as a free AU reverb for Mac a while back. Here it is:

One of these days I'll put out the 64-bit and windows versions of this, and make a page for it.

As to external input, look forward to future products...

Nice! thanks

+1 for the windows version ! :-)

+1 on that for Windows too, could be insane...

I agree, that reverb sounds juicy :-)

+1 on Windows !


Hi Randy! Did you ever get round to making the windows version of the reverb plug? Or am i looking in the wrong places? thanks!

Yes, it would be nice, +1

WIll do this when I can. For now I owe Soundplane customers more of my time. Thanks for your patience.

An external Audio Input would be an interesting addition, to access all the signal processing on board Aalto & act as a modulation source, please.

And a VST version of the reverb would surely be welcome.