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With the "deprecation" of IAA (and thus, making Audiobus an AU host only as well, at which AUM is universally more used) AUv3 will be the way to go for the feature. The vast majority of iOS musicians want AUv3 above anything else. On every topic about every good new music app, everybody only wants to know if it has AUv3. Personally, I like a stand alone version as well, just to fiddle around with it without needing to start my host. It's pretty much the one and only standard which is always asked for.

I guess the yearly iOS (and now iPad OS lol) updates and changes to the platform (as well as to the App Store itself, like certification guidelines) are the bigger hassle. I have no idea about developing software, but I know that Bram Bos has a fairly easy job porting his apps to new display sizes and resolutions, because he uses vector based UIs. His apps are tiny in size. I guess an adaptable UI is immensely helpful in the realms of iOS.

Yeah, I just signed up to show my interest. Over on the Audiobus Forums there was a thread about west coast style synths which led me here and the consensus was that Aalto is a great soft synth and would be much appreciated on iOS since there is not much choice of west coast style synths.