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Cool, should be possible to set in preferences. I have lots of RAM...;-)

I have a feature request regarding MPE:
If I set the input control to MPE I want the pitch bend range to be fixed. Either I set the range once, and it will not be overwritten by a preset change, or it should be fixed to the standard 48. (Though outside of Bitwig for Linnstruments 24 would be better...;-)
When browsing presets, its annoying to adjust the PB range each time... (I know I could resave, but I would only want that for sounds I keep...)
This applies to Aalto and Kaivo and also for the upcoming Sumu...

Just got Kaivo, and it seems, that the pitch bend setting is the setting for the MPE PB range.
As I use it with a Linnstrument and in Bitwig, I would prefer, that it would take the PB setting as the global (Midi ch 1) and the PB setting for MPE (all other channels) should be fixed to 48, as the spec recommends... Bitwig assumes that all MPE pitch bend is 48, and adjusts the Linnstrument PB 24 by deviding the incomming PB by a factor of 2. Though this is stupid and might change, the fixed 48 PB seems logical for me...

Wonderfull playground that Kaivo, I had to wait for the deal to be able to afford it though...;-)