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I am currently looking for a new DAW that is $100 or less and that supports Virta and other VSTs. I have been using Audacity that seems to cut out some of the frequencies of my recordings of electronic instruments. It sounds "thin." In fact, I get the impression it was designed for recording talk, as in an interview or something like that. It also does not support VST instruments, like Virta.

I have compiled a list of cheap DAWs that I believe support VST effects and instruments. What do you think of these DAWs? Would you recommend any of them or do you have a suggestion of different DAWs to consider?

Reaper - $60
Live 9 Intro - Eur 79
Harrison Mixbus - $79
Traction 7 - $60
Cubase Elements 9 - $99.99

Thank you for your consideration.