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I was very impressed with the very subtle pitch variations demonstrated on the Haken Continuum in this video:

Compared to that you can really hear the quarter-tone "steps" in the Roli Seaboard.

How does the Soundplane compare for microtonal music? Is there a smooth gradient of pitches, or is there some level of quantization?

Perfect, thanks!

Randy, is there any way to be notified about the next batch of Soundplanes? I've been looking all over the site for an email or RSS option, but I'm not finding it.

There are many microtonal scales available in the "Key" menu of Aalto and Kaivo. (Thanks for that, Randy!)

Randy, thank you very much. I'm excited to hear when the next batch of Soundplanes might be available.

thetechnobear, yes, check out the youtube video above. You can clearly hear the quarter-tone stepping.

Microsound is one reference you might look into:

But you might also look at it from a completely different perspective:

How would I set up the Soundplane to achieve this? Nothing special really, just being able to play very small variations in pitch is all I really need. Kind of like playing a fretless stringed instrument or a trombone.