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I wish it had modulation patching so we could modulate parameters with lfo, audio input (like virta). I think it would make it much more interesting and fun. The sound quality is there. I’ve just been spoiled by modulation.

Hi Randy. I just saw a video from Don Solaris that’s been on YouTube for a while that demonstrates some cool sounds that are said to be included in the Kaivo installer. I’m not seeing them. Are they named something else?

Oh. Sorry. I didn’t check. Thanks for the info. Is cpu a bit lighyer in Kaivo with 1.84/5? Just curious. I didn’t directly compare some of the patches with the 1.8.3, but it seems like it is. I could also just be smoking something.

What’s the expert feature?

Check out Sometimes they have apple-refurbished macs with full AppleCare warranties for the same price as the Apple Store. However, they're tax-free. I bought my latest MacBook Pro from them and saved hundreds in sales tax. :)

Personally I'd rather have more time devoted to the main platforms. *nix daw users comprise an extremely small group. I could understand iOS or android as touchscreen capabilities would bring a new dimension to Kaivo, Aalto, and Virta. Plus every support request seems to be more involved as it consists of additional layers of abstraction that you don't deal with in Windows or Mac, like having to talk people through basic terminal syntax for installing.

Bought! Thanks Randy!

Congrats, Randy! It looks and sounds amazing (even on the webcast!). Any idea what you'll set the normal price to afterwards? Will it be similarly priced as Kaivo? Just curious. Thanks.

Hi randy. Are you able to optimize the code at all for lighter CPU usage? I love Kaivo but some patches knock my quad core i7 on its ass. Thanks.

I agree. Kaivo's definitely one of those instruments that doesn't try to be like anything else. That fact that it sounds so different and organic at the same time is an incredible accomplishment.

I can't wait to find out what the new instrument is that Randy was talking about in the newsletter today. If it's anywhere near as awesome as Kaivo I'll pre-order it. :)

It's December now. :)