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And here is the soundset!

I have called it MUSICBOX, I like this name because I think that reflects good the kind of sounds that you will hear.

Particularly is was a great fun because sometimes I was having in mind one concrete sound, but patching one cable to the wrong place have unexpected and surprising effects!

Please if you think that I need to improve something let me know!


I tryed synths like Tassman4, ARP 2600, Moog Modular of Arturia.
But any of this is so poweful and easy like Aalto.

It is the perfect alternative to those who can't buy a Buchla synth.

Since I buy Aalto some months ago I have done a LOT of sounds.


I want one t-shirt me too. Would be good the exact size in numbers.
Im not sure if I need a S or a M because the sizes in Europe are not the same that in United States.


for proving it for live act I make this little improvisation.

it is very fun! I will practice more, for sure.


Guns sounds, I call it 'Guns & Hate'.
It was not my intention but with the twist of a dial I get a sound similar like guns!

I love Aalto ;-)

<Aalto pluginVersion="66306" presetName="CX Guns & Hate" presetDir="Complex Sounds" scaleName="12-equal" scaleDir="" key_voices="2" key_unison="1" seq_rate="0.104999997" seq_rate_p="4" seq_steps="8" seq_steps_p="-10" seq_quantize="1" seq_value_delay="3.5" seq_value0="1" seq_value1="0.359999985" seq_value2="1" seq_value3="0.639999986" seq_value4="1" seq_value5="0.319999993" seq_value6="1" seq_value7="0.839999974" seq_pulse0="1" seq_pulse2="1" seq_pulse4="1" seq_pulse6="1" lfo_freq="0.0399999991" lfo_level="0.539999962" lfo_level_p="2" env1_decay="0.99999994" env1_release="0.50000006" env2_repeat="0" env2_release="0.679999948" env2_trig_select="2" env2_delay_p="0.819999933" osc_noise="0.849999964" osc_ratio="0" osc_offset="-7.99999237" osc_index="1.55999994" osc_pitch="55" osc_noise_p="-0.879999995" osc_ratio_p="2.23999977" osc_offset_p="164.000015" osc_index_p="10" osc_timbre_p="1" osc_pitch_exp_p="2.23999977" osc_pitch_lin_p="544.000061" osc_waveshape_p="-1" osc_carrier_out="1" osc_mod_out="0.610000014" delay_drive="0" delay_feedback="0.5" delay_freq="6.875" delay_input_p="1" delay_peakres_p="2" delay_feedback_p="0.899999976" delay_freq_p="2.63999987" output_reverb_p="0.5" output_pan_p="0.720000029" patcher_input_8="0000000000000010000000000000000" patcher_input_10="0000000000001000010000000100000" patcher_input_11="0000000000000101000000000000000" patcher_input_12="1000000001000000001000000000001" patcher_input_14="0100000000010000100110011000010" editor_x="18" editor_y="114" editor_width="1236" editor_height="846" editor_num="1" editor_anim="1"/>

Hi Randy I am a new user of Aalto.

First, I should give thanks to you for this amazing and original synthesizer. Now I can do sounds very close similar to a modular analog synth but at a reasonable price!

Have you considered to use the Waveguide/Delay module as a vocoder?
I think that can be too fun use speech and pass it through the Waveguide/Delay.

Regards, thanks.

I think that use a Theremin and Aalto for live act can be very fun!