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of course! thanks randy, so excited about sumu:)

hi randy,
i have a question about the balance between noise - and harmonic partials in vutu. currently it's not possible to change that balance/relationship. is there a possibility to have this as a control in the resynthesis in a future update? it would be great to only hear the harmonic or the noise partials :)

hi randy,
it seems that chrome blocks the download, at least that's what my browser is telling me. with "save as" and a click on exemption it worked however! cheers

is the link to the .dmg down? i can't download vutu from the link you posted @randy.

hi randy,
i know i know, sorry for my constant bumps of this thread...
is there some kind of foreseeable progress of this module?
excuse the 'nagging' question...i'm just curious and excited!

so i just recently started using the expert sleepers plugins and hardware to control my modular synth. i have a doepfer ribbon controller and i really like it, for most uses it is good enough. but the soundplane gives me alot more control over subtle cv modulations and with the doepfer a-152 it is possible to spread the cv to several destinations without setting up a complicated and expensive polyphonic rack...here is a recording i made using the soundplane + es combo to play two richter osc II triangle waves, a borg filter and finally the trogotronic m277, a dual tube vca with lovely tube distortion:


with the prospect of a ml eurorack module i feel like a child waiting for christmas to come! it will be more than awesome!!


i forgot to start this thread as you suggested @thetechnobear, great that you did it now!
i still couldn't make the bela patch work but i'm confident and willing to understand this (for me) complicated code language :)

oh wow, i recently got myself a salt plus salt+ :)
do you have your salt-soundplane project online somewhere, or can i write you an email asking beginner questions about this? i'm still very new to everything code-ish so salt is a bit intimidating...sorry to hijack this thread @randy!

thanks very much for your reply randy!

time passes by so quickly, soon it's been 5 years since this thread was started.
any news on this front? i know it must be annoying to get/answer this question year after year but i now wonder if this will ever happen ... i still love my soundplane dearly and really really really would love to be able to use it without a computer.

any updates on this?

any news from this project?

@rsdio thanks, that sounds good!
if the gate/trigger length could be set within a certain range (let's say good for exciting signals, from 0.5 to 10 ms for example) and this range would vary proportional to velocity on note-on...this would lead to the most interesting timbres. i thought about it a bit longer and to be able to vary the length like this would be more useful since it leads to timbre variations PLUS amplitude variations where a fixed length trigger plus variable amplitude would only modulate the volume.

yes sorry, i meant note-on velocity!

so to summarize my thought:
we could set the trigger or gate length in the menu (everything from 5ms triggers up to gates with sustain) AND a menu option where we could decide if it reacts to finger pressure or not.

@rsdio ok, well i meant short spikes in the ms range, around 10ms is a good length to avoid the double triggering sound when pinging a filter.
here's an example of pinging filters with a piezo mic and a module which converts the piezo information into a trigger with variable dynamic voltages: https://soundcloud.com/uzala/peakhold-res4
so this was my thought, having a trigger mode on the module with fixed length but variable voltage reacting to finger pressure...it's a technique i use almost daily to excite sounds, either filters or physical modelling patches like rings or karplus strong setups or even something like the norddrum2 reacts dynamicly to variable voltage triggers. most trigger modules just spit out a fixed trigger and one has to use alot of vca's to have simple drum-like sounds behave dynamicly, a variable voltage trigger however would be so much easier for these kind of sounds and patches! here are more examples:
it's just triggers into filters near self oscillation but to be able to play this with the soundplane would be a dream!!

looks great, very excited! will it be possible to assign trigger out instead of gate? and maybe responsive to the pressure, eg a short trigger from 0-10 volts or something...that would be incredible!

is it too early to ask for a rough idea about when this will become available?

thanks randy!

i'm very excited to see this project progress! any news?

so happy to see this progress!
velocity on gate sounds good, i would suggest adding an option to change from gate to trigger since this could be very useful for pinging resonant filters, exciting things directly with a short trigger...well, at least that's what i always do, so that would be my only wish!
thanks again for the pictures and updates!

thank you rsdio for these updates, very interesting!

any news on this project?

i don't know if a thread like this already exists, i didn't find one..
my question is about the body section of kaivo and if there are plans to add more body types. there is a big variety already there, the names of the bodies are really just starting points as stated in the manual, however i would love to have a few more resonant bodies with weird or unusual shapes...tube-like shaped for example.
btw is the body section based on impulse responses of real chambers?
...oh, i just sat here catatonic in front of the screen and thought about how a klein bottle would sound in the body section...jeez, would that even be possible...computing a non-orientable surface would mean you would have two spaces, the inside but also the outside, the room where the bottle stands...ah, nevermind, my brain wanders...

great, thanks randy!

hi randy,

i have a question about how the voices count through in aalto. recently i find myself working alot with 4 voice sequences where every voice has its little sequence so that i can play very nice moving sequenced with midi input by transposing each voice separately. but that is quite a hassle because aalto doesnt reset its voice counting to zero when starting the daw (logic). now i have to play and stop the daw several times to get the voice count to zero eg voice 1 plays with the first midi note...i hope you understand! anyhow, it would be nice to reset to voice one with a click or something. or is there a way i just didnt find?

thank you,

ahhh, stupid me! i found an easy answer, i just use the mpe protocol. is it normal that the mpe protocol starts with midi channel 2 for voice 1? anyway, thats a great new way of playing aalto, great!

congratulations randy, virta is amazing!

gate out is really helpful on a real modular, or a trigger but one could always use a comparator to get gates out of the z output. like technobear wrote above, if this means that we only get 2 touches i would rather ditch the gate out for the possibility to have more touches...

no display sounds good to me, i really don't think i would need a display to see where i am with presets or other functions. lights for active zone map eg preset is good, light for gate out and some kind of indication of the pressure out, yellow to red led or something, that's the thing i miss on my doepfer ribbon controller module, you can set the strenght of pressure out but if i could see it as changing color that would be great! happy to hear that this is going forward!