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FWIW, I've seen random crashes with Valhalla plugins, I believe you both use the JUCE framework, so I think there's a connection.
That being said, 9.0.5 isn't the most stable Live release, hanging notes seem to be very common.

I went from a 2007 MBP 15", 2.2c2D to a MBA (previous model). It is significantly faster. I didn't even mean to use it as a music rig, but it has replaced my MBP entirely until I get a Mini i7.
Especially when you're using it as a soundmodule, I don't think there's a synth that you can't run with it. If it works on your current MBP, I'm sure that indeed you'll have twice as much power with the MBA.
Hope this helps, Bram

EDIT: I must add, no problems running Aalto on my MBA (in case that wasn't clear :-)
EDIT2: I did a little test, playing a four note pad one Aalto with nothing else running, CPU usage is 10% (20 according to AULab, but I assume that's one core). MBA 1.8 dual i5, 4GB.

Oh, and don't forget that Aalto is a synth, as such you won't find it listed with inserts along with the effects.
It has been some time, but you first have to make an software synth instrument track (which is different from audio or MIDI tracks), then you'll end up with a channel strip just like the regular ones, and somewhere below the inserts, you'll find a box with the label I/O, you can select Aalto there.
Apologies if this was all clear and it is a more technical issue (in which case Randy already has you covered).

Really, can't wait for the new synth!

Still try to enjoy a bit of summer, we can wait a few extra days (I think.. maybe.. ;-))

Hi there, I noticed that the German Beat magazine has Aalto Solo (which I presume is a 1 voice version of Aalto) on their DVD. I'm not really keen on buying a German magazine that won't be of much use to me otherwise, hence my question, will there be other ways to obtain Aalto Solo? Thanks!

In the end I just bought the full version, don't have to worry about getting myself a carrot now :-)

OK Randy, thanks for the reply!

Sure, it's not the price that is the issue, it just seems a bit of a hassle getting a magazine shipped from Germany just for Aalto Solo. It may become available by other means, that's why I asked.
Will likely get the full version anyway at some point so not a major problem anyway.