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I am going to build one of these monsters and I want to know if anyone has installed usb... I know the for-sale model does include it, but I cannot afford it (when it comes (back) out)).

It'd be dope if the creator mentioned where to get the usb set up... Let me know if yall can help.


Why aren't there any images of anyone's (besides the creator) finished product? I will be making one soon, and as a carpenter, I plan to make it pretty to look at. I was hoping to find tons of different build images and glean ideas for a wood/colored pad, led lights, usb and so on...

Please post any images you have of your completed project.


Edit: oops, this belongs in the DIY section!

While I might take that up as an additional project, I have an immediate need (okay, it's a want) for one of these so I will be asking an engineering friend to help me sort this out. I know next to nothing about programming or electronics soldering or you know, anything I obviously need to know to complete this project...
So, if I can get someone to help me, could I just bump it up to 12x12 with the same schematics? Also, would that be the Arduino Due or Uno; I read that I can attach "shields" to boost it's ability, does that apply to building a medium size version? Whatever the outcome here, I deeply appreciate you being so helpful, and I will share the hell out of whatever I make!

Awesome, thanks for moving it and addressing my questions. I will be making one and perhaps if I can find no other way to devise a usb connection, and ask more pointed questions (i.e. what should I look to buy and is there an easiest method?) you can help me. I essentially want to make a kaoss/illator pad that isn't so limited. Though I am a carpenter, I have limited knowledge of electronics. If I can make this happen I will post images. It's a shame this hasn't taken-off, I was kind of disappointed when I didn't find 325356473 similar models... Anyways, thanks for your help and good work.