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In Live 9 during playback, the GUI responds more sluggishly. After stopping playback, the GUI responds normally.

I've been able to reproduce this in Live 9.1.2 32/64 bit. I am on a Retina Macbook Pro (Late 2013) running Mavericks 10.9.1

Is there a waveguide/delay equivalent in the Eurorack world? Haven't been able to find anything like it....or perhaps I don't fully understand what the waveguide/delay is and what it means to be an allpass filter :P

and the knobs too! They're really sensitive on my end...Using a Mac 10.7.5 as well.

Just curious what everyone thought would be Eurorack equivalents to the modules inside the Aalto...especially the Waveguide/Delay.

The Sequencer could be replicated with Tiptop's z8000.
The Oscillator is similar to Tiptop's z3000 mk2 model.
Division 6's Filtare seiii is very similar to the filter used.