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Wow, what a beast! Some sounds:

Drums + gamelan:

Modular groaning and giant didgeridoo:

Mutant woodwinds, reeds, and brass:

Physical modelling is generally not something that grabs me, but this is definitely an exception. Also wasn't expecting it to be able to get as warm and organic (dare I say "analog"...?) as it can.

Very brave to leave conventional lfos, filter, etc. out of it, and I commend the decision.

Fabulous work as usual, Randy! Big thanks for all of this.

Aalto 2?!?!?!


Serious thanks for all of your work, Randy.

Ways to make real-time DAW audio recordings of knob tweakage:

1) In Logic:

  • Set audio output of a synth track to "Bus X"
  • Set audio input of an audio track to "Bus X"
  • and voila! (this is also nice for tweaking audio parameters of an effect, etc. in real time and saving the results as a separate audio file.)

2) In Ableton

  • Set audio input of an audio track to be the output of the instrument track. (THe aforementioned Resampling works too, but this way is nice if you just want to record the output of the one synth track, i.e. if there are other tracks happening that you don't want to record.)
  • I like doing this in clip view, because it's very easy to go back post ex facto, isolate a fragment of a huge take, and split it down to a new clip.