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Seems like summing the inputs would be the most flexible approach. This would allow users to mix and match their inputs or even have them influence each-other.

That's why I'm asking, if you add support for that in Aalto/Kaivo, I can add direct support for it to the EigenD software and other hosts like Bidule or Max would have access to it too for people that want to tinker without having to go over OSC.

Chiming in here ... Randy, do you think there would be a possibility to totally bypass the OSC transport and to go straight over VST/AU host parameters. They give full floating point data access. I still have to try the OSC mode out, but I think this could work by simply creating a repeated number of host automation parameters: x1, y1, z1, key1, x2, y2, z2, key2, ...

This would allow any host to directly provide data to Kaivo and Aalto in high resolution and without having any networking involved. It would also make it very easy to have multiple instances of your plugin running on the same machine for different purposes.