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hello users of this wonderful synth. question: is it possible to lock the various detented knobs to their detented positions when controlling them by midi CC? e.g., when i twist the knob for waveguide frequency, it only lands on the detents? i would particularly love to be able to do this with a grid controller like monome or launchpad. thanks.

I see what you mean-- depending on what host you use there might be a good way of quantizing the MIDI values to the detents. In Logic's environment, for example, you could do this with a mapping table.

I'm always up for making Aalto better, though, as long oas it doesn't make it more complicated on the outside. I'll think about solutions as I revamp some of the MIDI handling.

ok thanks, i'll poke around for a way to do it in ableton...

i love the interface as it is, and have no idea how it all works behind the scenes, but maybe something like the quant button on the sequencer?

I don't want to add buttons to the interface, but I will probably add a "settings" menu where some MIDI settings like this could go.


along the same lines, would also love to be able to switch the function of the "quant" button between quantizing values to the selected scale or semitones, as it is...