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Good morning! Apple has just released the next major revision of OS X, Lion, only through the App Store.

Should you upgrade? Not unless you want to experiment on a spare machine or partition that you don't need for audio work for a while. The two main DAWs on OS X, Live and Logic, each have some issues with Lion. There is a good short article about that here.

As the major DAWs come into sync with the new OS, I'll test those releases with Aalto, and keep you posted.

With Live's recent update for Lion has anyone had any major issues running aalto within live?

It's a good question. I'm really deep into Soundplane work right now, so I'd appreciate it if anyone running Lion can share their experiences.

I have talked to one person using Max/MSP as a VST host on Lion, who says that is working fine.

I have been using Aalto within live on lion for a couple of weeks now and haven't had any problems yet.