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Hey there, hope you're doing great!
I was wondering - is there a way to download older versions of purchased plugins?
Sadly, after a few hours of head scratching and confusion i found this in the 1.9.2 changelog of Kaivo & Aalto:

  • rotate through available voices when receiving MPE

Which breaks the way i was using the Vox parameter (one of my favorite features about your instruments btw! Such a great idea) in conjunction with monophonic sequences on different midi channels to create pieces with related but distinct voices from a single patch.

I am sure the change went by unnoticed by most if not all users, but for me it's a big deal since i've taken quite a long break from making music and don't have my old installers available anymore - now I'm unable to pick up where i left off... Knowing how time consuming even minor releases are and the ongoing work on Sumu, I'd be totally fine with just using 1.9.1 of Kaivo and Aalto.

Kind regards,

Hi Robin,

The files are still on the server. If you copy the current links for the installers and substitute 1.9.1 for the version number, you should be able to download the older versions.

I might be able to add this behavior back to the new version as a different voice allocation mode.