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Apologies for the cross post but I figured those with a soundplane may be interested to know there is support taking shape for the monome norns platform.

soundplane for norns

The current integration uses the latest tracker (1.8.5 at the time of this post) and supports defining zones in Lua. Touch and control information is delivered directly into the norns scripting environment for maximum flexibility.

Super interested. Would htis be true plug and play or still need the Soundplane Client?

This goes from Soundplane directly to norns. A big deal! I did get a Norns so one of these days I can try the combination here and see about maintaining it (does it work on newest MacOS, etc.)

The documentation for the norns integration is close to non-existent with the exception of the demo code itself. For future travelers if you do run into problems please consider filing an issue in the spn repository on GitHub.