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Sorry if this has been discussed previously.
I'm loving the GR-1 and trying to get the Soundplane to play nicely with it. I've been in Audio-Midi-Utility-land for a few evenings but can't get it to spit out MPE.

Has anyone advice on getting MPE back out via usb?

Hi, I guess when the Soundplane app was made I never considered much the idea that there would be hardware synths with MPE. While I can't be of much help immediately, I'll add an MPE MIDI out mode to the Soundplane app feature list.

Do you have Max/MSP? That's probably what I would use to make something that does what you want.

is this on a Mac? which OS? which Mac?
I thought this just worked... I'd need to go test it, I half remember using this with Axoloti...
certainly on the mac, you can select hardware devices in the output dropdown, and enable mpe... so cannot see why it wouldn't work.

note: there was an issue with the Soundplane Binary on the M1, which recompiling fixed for me... this was very early on, 11.0 :) - so that may or may not still be needed.