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Has there been any work done on a soundplane client for Windows? My macbook's screen died, and I'm seriously considering making the switch. It looks like I might be able to use MEC, but I'd prefer an official client. I'm happy to help test one out, too!

From what I understand, Windows 10 should allow the task to be much easier than what I unfortunately had to give up on years ago. However, I haven't been able to get back to it. I'll definitely broadcast any progress—meanwhile I'm happy to support anyone who wants to work on it, if you know anyone who might be interested.

What's MEC?

MEC is Micro Expression Control , I thought I heard about it here, but who knows.

I'm not super-fluent in C and am totally unfamiliar with Windows development, but work in half a dozen languages already anyway. I can take a stab at getting a dev environment going but I think I'll be pretty out of my element with that.

Ah, maybe you did, that sounds familiar.

To be clear I'm not trying to suggest that Soundplane for Windows should be someone else's job. Just that if someone has the interest to dig in before I can get to it, I'll try to support them.

Oh! no, I didn't take it to mean that at all. My day job is Unix CLI/Server and Web front-end development, and desktop apps are something I'm interested in but have no experience with.

just an update -- I couldn't figure out the build process at all. I've got my old mac laptop running the client, setup to a bonjour/networked midi session, and rtpmidi on my windows machine is reading from that, and since both are plugged into an ethernet switch the latency is negligible. MPE works great.

I'd say that I'd still prefer a native windows client, but I suspect I'll end up switching back to an Apple Silicon Mac in the next year or two.

Ah OK—if there was something broken that stopped you getting started for Windows, you can let me know. Glad you have a workaround.