ForumsSoftware ← I am probably being so dumb but why does this patch not accept MIDI?

it was working absolutely fine earlier, then i just automated some parameters and let it run for a bit, and now the MIDI light indicators in the key module aren't lighting up when i play my keyboard. ableton's midi in indicator in the top right is working absolutely fine, and if i load up another channel and put aalto on it, it works fine...any help please synth overlords?

also heres the actual patch if u wanna load it up i guess

cheers, hopefully this doesnt break any rules

It's probably not the patch, but some MIDI config thing in Live with that channel, would be my guess. It's possible it's some new bug in Aalto—but MIDI support has been unchanged and solid for a long time and I've not heard of this issue.

If you can reproduce this again, or get more info, please let me know.


ahh not to worry, my pea brain didnt spot that it was the ableton channel. i just hadn't clicked "auto" on the monitoring bit :)))) no worries move along everyone thank u stay safe in this corona virus crisis hope we're all staying home love u all xxxxx