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Suppose Aalto and Kaivo had the option to choose what type of modulator was in each slot. For instance, Aalto has 5 modulators: Key, Sequencer, LFO, Envelope_A, Envelope_B. What if these were simply 5 slots, and any of them could be set to any of the modulator types? So you could have Key, Sequencer, Sequencer, LFO, LFO, Envelope_B. Or you could have Envelope, Key, LFO, LFO, Sequencer

I think this really leans into the "philosophy" of these instruments. It would give users much more ability to make creative patch and route configurations. At the same, it would maintain the constraint of having everything in a single window that makes patching these instruments so intuitive and inviting.

What do you think?

The preset file format would need to be changed, so that old/current presets could be opened with the new feature. But a script could be written to map old preset file formats to the new format. This script could be included in the new update, detecting old preset formats and automatically update them.

Thanks for the thoughts. A major version, say Aalto 2 coming up, is when I would have the ability to make this kind of big change. I still think having the instruments be made of fixed modules is a strength. But maybe there's some interesting middle ground between that and fully modular.