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Hi Randy,
Any chance of releasing VCVRack modules in the future? In particular:

  • the aalto complex oscillator
  • the aalto waveguide
  • the kaivo granulator
  • the kaivo resonator
  • the kaivo body sim

Your instruments sound amazing and there's no equivalent to these modules in Rack. Would definitely be willing to pay well for these modules if you decided to port them.


What a coincidence, I was just watching Andrew Belt present about VCV Rack last night. I'd love to do this when I can make time. Thanks for the encouragement.

This would imply Linux support since Rack runs on Linux!
I would love to get involved and help in any way that I can!
I'm currently unable to try out madrona plugins because y'all don't release linux builds :(

Any news?

Sumu comes first!

it is of course a good idea.